We have created a platform that helps generate a brand new line a revenue in ways that hasn't. been done as of yet. Internet and Wi-Fi solutions to your Dealerships and Rental Car Companies . We Also provide ( Dealership, Rental Car Internet WiFi and Mobile Marketing.

by using disruptive technology; helping businesses grow. We provide a new avenue for valuable data. We combine 1st and 3rd party data. We reduce remarketing and retargeting expenses through data collected. We provide the abilities to partner with Telcos, Cable companies and others to enhance data and marketing capabilities. We add additional data and WiFi capabilities to video screens.Ability to partner with content companies like Gannett through WiFi and retargeting options with collected data.

Additional opportunities not yet discovered!

Hybrid PBX System 

Is your phone system out dated for today's telecom needs? Are you in need of a new phone system no matter if you need 5 phones or 5000? Call us today and get a free quote on a brand new hybrid PBX. We also offer refurbish pbx systems as well.


 Fleet trucking companies the very best in digital collective data along with GPS.

Collective Data's fleet and asset management software is designed to improve productivity in fleet operations and make data management easy.

Wheel Chair Internet

Mobile Wheelchair Internet & WiFi Solutions.

We provide the very best in mobile internet solutions to our customers with special needs. We install a modem into your wheelchair that contributes to keeping you safe and connected. Many plans to chose from to fit your need. 

Golf Cart Internet WiFi

We have now open up our golf cart internet WiFi services. Get the very best in M2M tech that will give you signal even when your cell provider cant. Its great for Doctors & Lawyers and the mom and dad along with Golf Courses pro shops.

Mobile Data Marketing technology not available anywhere else

Mobile Data Marketing technology not available anywhere else

Custom audience segments

White label portal available for ease of use on MDM

Physical spaces + online = winning results

Use collected data to grow, reduce retargeting expenses and build new data and profiles.

Non Emergency Transport GPS

NEMT can be defined as a transportation service provided to individuals who are not in an emergency situation but need more assistance than a taxi service is able to provide. Service providers will be specially equipped to transport riders in wheelchairs, stretchers or with other special needs.

What our customers are saying

I own a mobile mechanic company. There are many dead zones in the areas my trucks travel where cell service wasnt working. I added WIFI A GOGO to my trucks and there are no more dead zones. I would encourage and company to work with this company no questions asked. 



I am the SMRT for Gilbane building company located out of our Sarasota, FL area. I have been a customer of  WIFI A GO GO for 8 years now.  This company serves as a procurement specialist and direct Agent of all the top companies in the entire nation. They take care of scheduling for telecom & data, cloud and now wireless for not just my corporate offices but all my trailers as well. For me it’s a one stop shop that allows me to focus more on my job and less spending time on the phone. He now provides Machine to Machine Technology wireless services which gives me the convenience of having internet right away even though construction on the trailer may takes months to complete and this wireless service can be permanently installed in my work trucks and sales vehicles’ as well. I would tell any business especially construction companies to use his company as well.